Q: What is Mobile Deposit?
A: Mobile Deposit is a convenient, secure and free service to deposit a check into your Coral Community Federal Credit Union (CCFCU) account using your smart phone or tablet.

Q: How does Mobile Deposit work?
A: Mobile Deposit gives CCFCU members the ability to deposit a check into their account from anywhere without having to deliver the check to a physical location. Using your smart phone or tablet, take a picture of the check and transmit the check image to the credit union using the Mobile Banking App.

Q: How do I sign up for Mobile Deposit?
A: Download the CCFCU mobile App to your smart phone or tablet. From the menu select Mobile Deposit and log into your account with your current username and password and answering one of your security questions. You must apply and be approved by CCFCU for the service, as well as agree to our terms, conditions and disclosures prior to using the service.

Q: What are the requirements to use mobile deposit?
A: The eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Accounts in good standing
  • Download Mobile App

Q: Is there a fee for Mobile Deposit?
A: No, however your mobile carrier may charge usage rates when using a mobile app.

Q: Is the Mobile Deposit process safe and secure?
A: Yes, this app uses secure and encrypted SSL technology to ensure the check images are only seen by those authorized to process your deposit.

Q: What if I don’t see the “Mobile Deposit” within my menu option in mobile banking?
A: Verify you have the latest version of our mobile banking app downloaded. Resetting your device may be necessary.

Q: What do I do if the app is not working correctly?
A: If the app is not operating correctly, it is likely because of a temporary network problem. Please try again in a few hours. If it continues to not operate correctly, please use the “Contact Us” button on the Home screen to let us know about the problem. Resetting your device may be necessary.

Q: What are the deposit limits?
A: The deposit limits are as follows:

  • Limit per deposit is $2,000
  • Limit per day is $2,000
  • Limit per month is $5,000

Q: I received a message, “Check capture not supported on this device,” what do I do?
A: Depending on your mobile device, we can't be certain, but most likely it is because the resolution (pixel count) of the camera on the device is not sufficient to support the Federal Reserve's requirements for image quality. All of the iOS devices have great camera, but there are some Android devices which do not have sufficient hardware to do the job. Unfortunately the device will have to be replaced before you can use the feature or sign in with another device that has a better camera.

Q: Does the check need to be endorsed?
A: Yes, all checks should be signed and include the following on the back of the check:

  • For Mobile Deposit Only
  • Account number and Suffix

Q: Do I need to include a deposit slip?
A: No.

Q: What type of checks can be deposited?

  • Personal checks
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Official checks
  • Any other payment instrument drawn on a financial institution within the United States issued in US dollars

Q: Are there any types of checks that cannot be submitted using Mobile Deposit?

  • Checks drawn on your account
  • Checks stamped with a “non-negotiable” watermark.
  • Third party checks (a check payable to someone other than the account owner and endorsed to you)
  • Checks payable to you and another party who is not a joint owner on the account.
  • Checks that contain evidence of alterations, or that you suspect, are fraudulent or otherwise not authorized by the owner of the account on which the check is drawn.
  • Checks that are “stale dated” (more than six months old) or “postdated (dated later than the actual date).
  • Checks that have been previously negotiated.
  • Checks that are incomplete.
  • Savings bonds, traveler’s checks, money orders.
  • Foreign checks issued by a financial institution in another country and not issued in US funds.

Q: When will my funds be available?
A: We will generally apply the Funds Availability Schedule as set forth in our “Account Agreement Disclosure”. Mobile Deposits confirmed as received before our daily cut off time on a business day and will be credited to your account within one business day. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays are not considered business days. Deposits confirmed received after close of business, and deposits confirmed received on holidays or days that are not credit union business days will be credited to your account within 24 hours of the following business day. However, we may delay availability of funds from any deposit you make through mobile deposit at any time in our sole discretion, including due to any concern we may have regarding our ability to collect based upon any check image that you present. Items transmitted using mobile deposit are not subject to the funds availability requirements of the Federal Reserve Board Regulation CC.

Q: I can’t see my endorsement in the captured image, what do I do?
If the endorsement is not visible use a bold black pen to make the endorsement and recapture the image of the back side of the check.

Q: The app does not capture the check, what do I do now?
Move the check to a plain dark surface with good lighting, ensure the check is flat with no bent corners, align the check with the gray box until there is a green box around the check, then hold the device steady until the image is captured.

Q: I get a check image which is not rectangle, how do I prevent that?
This is most likely caused by the check not being on a plain background or the corners of the check are bent or missing. Flatten the check, ensure no corners are bent over, place the check on flat dark, non-reflective and un-patterned surface with adequate light which does not cast a strong shadow on the check. If the check is badly damaged or wrinkled you may need to present the check to a teller so it can be processed.

Q: Why do I have to tilt the device back?
A: If your device does not have a light, tilting the device back at an angle helps remove shadows which may reduce the quality of the captured image. The app automatically corrects the image to a proper rectangle.

Q: Can I deposit more than one check at a time?
Only one check can be scanned at a time, but multiple checks may be deposited in one session.

Q: What do I do with the check after I submit the deposit?
A: It is recommended that you make a note on the face of the check once the images have been accepted. You are required to retain the original check in a secure area for 60 days after the deposit. After 60 days, you should securely destroy the original check(s).

Q: What should I do if I receive a message that the images have not been accepted?
A: Network problems or other temporary conditions may cause the check image to be rejected by the server. If you receive an error message after selecting” Deposit Check”, your deposit is not being processed. Follow the instructions on the error message. You may try the deposit again after a couple of hours or when you have a better network connection.

Q: How do I verify that a check has been accepted for deposit?
After submitting the deposit, the screen will note the deposit was successful. You will also see the deposit in your check deposit history. You will receive an email to the email address you set up on the Mobile Deposit page. If you do not want to receive the notice, go to Settings, scroll down to the app and set your preference. You may change your email address at any time on the Mobile Deposit Page.

Q: If I entered an incorrect amount for a deposit check should I re-deposit the check?
No. The check can only be deposited one time. If you’ve entered the check amount incorrectly, it will most likely be in a pending status awaiting further review. In many cases a CCFCU representative will review the deposit, correct the amount and adjust your account allowing the check to process. However, if you do not see the deposit posted, please contact us at 954-772-2330.

Q: What is the daily cut off for Mobile Deposit checks?
The cut of time for deposits to be credited the same day is 4pm(EST) on business days. Deposits made after that time are processed and credited to the account the following business day. Business days do not include Saturday, Sunday and Federal Holidays.

Q: How do I get help if I encounter a problem?
Mobile Deposit is an easy to use, self service product, but if you encounter a problem you can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 954-772-2330.

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